Natasha is a senior interim Project and Programme Manager with industry experience as a Change Sponsor at Director level.  She has strong analysis and planning skills able to lead teams to implement solutions on a timely basis. Renowned for addressing and achieving positive outcomes on projects considered intractable by others.

Sample projects

Engaged to lead the transition of a Brexit Programme from the strategic and regulatory stage to the detailed implementation.  Established PMO and created combined performance reporting processes linking up the diverse business functions impacted by the change leading to clear identification of responsibilities on the critical path.Led the interaction with other strategic global programmes with possible resource contentions to mutually acceptable implementation plans.  Identified resource constraints and engaged additional short-term expertise to support IT and Communication workstreams. 

Engaged to take on global IT implementation project to deliver post acquisition data consolidation which had encountered progress and budget limits.  Re-planned and re-budgeted the whole project working with business analysts, developers, release managers and users across 3 continents, negotiated approval for the revised time and cost budget and delivered the necessary changes within these re-planned parameters. 

Engaged to plan and implement resilience improvement project by moving business critical calculation processes from MSAccess to fully IT controlled SQL applications.  Engaged with users who had developed the applications and achieved buy-in to transfer control to independent product owners.  Planned and implemented requirements gathering, development, testing and release of tools in the revised environment.